“Justice is not an abstract term. It is something that we do every day for our clients.”

Tapan Kr. Jha

( Sr. Investigator )

Cyber Cert

About Us

  • CYBER CERT Team is able to Handle all type of Cyber Crime. we have an “Cyber Crime Emergency Response Team” that helps in conducting a Preliminary Investigation at the Crime Scene .
  • We adopt a quick Investigation methodology which helps victim to solve their cases within a short period of time.
  • We have a team of 5 Sr. Investigator, 25 Assist. Investigator, 5 Cyber Law Consultant, 5 Advocate. Which is sufficient to solve any big cases related to Cyber Crime.
  • CYBER CERT is also conducting Free Awareness Program, Free Consultancy, Free Investigation for common people to make them aware about latest Cyber Crime Cases and how to prevent from it .
  • CYBER CERT is delivering our best services to Public Sector, Private Sector & Government Sector Since 2010.
  • We have a solved a series of Cyber Crime Cases like Bank Account Frauds, Facebook Frauds, Instagram Frauds, What’s App Frauds, Email Frauds, Website Hacking Frauds and also some other cases which is not related to Cyber Crime like Murder Cases, Suicide Cases etc.
  • India’s 1st Cyber Crime Cell providing Token System to track user Case Status.


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