Month: August 2018

14 Aug by admin

ATM Machine Frauds

In many Metro Cities you will find this type of ATM unattended. So attacker uses this type of ATM for their attack. They used to open ATM machine and try to get cash directly. See this video how attacker do this type of things.  Investigation:-  Step 1:- Search for any Guard of that ATM machine is […]
8 Aug by admin

ATM Frauds

1. Kindly do not allow anyone to stand beside you while typing your SECRET PIN number. 2. Kindly check the ATM Key Pad, Card Inserting Area for Removable Devices. Report Now Please follow and like us:0
8 Aug by admin

Phone Call Frauds

Phone Call Frauds:- 1. Never Share your Confidential information like 16 Digit Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV Number, OTP with anyone. 2. BANK Never call’s you to ask any information, Do know believe on such call. 3. As soon as you will get the Call like this kindly contact Bank Manager as well as Nearest […]
4 Aug by admin

UIDAI Number is not a Cyber Attack, It’s a Google Error

  On 2nd August, a news was released that their was a Cyber Attack on India and you are on a Target of Hacker, Some Companies want to steal your Information, Telecom provider tries to enter 1 Number in your Mobile without your Permission etc. Kindly do not believe in any of these News as […]