UIDAI Number is not a Cyber Attack, It’s a Google Error

4 Aug by admin

UIDAI Number is not a Cyber Attack, It’s a Google Error


On 2nd August, a news was released that their was a Cyber Attack on India and you are on a Target of Hacker, Some Companies want to steal your Information, Telecom provider tries to enter 1 Number in your Mobile without your Permission etc.

Kindly do not believe in any of these News as all was Fake, It was just a Google Error. Google takes blame for Aadhaar Helpline Number in Android Phones. After Aadhaar Governing body UIDAI denied asking phone manufactures or telecom operators to add its helpline number in Android devices, Google has accepted it is responsible for the error. Google Says the alleged UIDAI helpline was “inadvertently coded” along with the 112 distress helpline in the Android release given to Indian manufacturers in 2014. Google apologised for “any concern caused”.

Mr. Tapan Kr. Jha (Indian Cyber Security Expert & Legal Adviser) said that as this is a platform related error the telecom provider like Airtel, Jio, Idea etc do not have any fault as this number directly coming into your phones contacts not on SIM Contacts, and manufacturers also do not make any modification in Android OS files while manufacturing any mobile and after flashing also this number reside in your phones. So it was not a Cyber Attack, it was an error in a Mobile Platform (Android OS).

To See how mobile manufactures kindly click on the below links to understand this news properly.

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