ATM Related Frauds, Must See if using ATM

14 Aug by admin

ATM Related Frauds, Must See if using ATM

If you are using ATM for your day to day transaction, then you must see this videos. How anyone can exchange your card with fake or block card while helping you or guiding you how to use ATM.

Anyone can become there victim, if you see this video then you get to know how you can prevent from such kinds of frauds. 

If this happens with you. Kindly contact Bank as well as your nearest Police Station. 



How to start investigation without any help:-  

Step 1: – Inform your Bank regarding this Frauds and tell them to block your cards to stop further transaction.

Step 2:- Kindly do not close the account as if the cards is not working then you are safe. 

Step 3:- Inform nearest Police Station so that you can get the CCTV Footage from the Bank.

Step 4:- Contact Cyber CERT at +91-9680100687 for more information.

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